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Bringing paper back to life

UPM prolongs the lifecycle of its products through efficient recycling. Recycling 3.4 million tonnes annually, UPM is the world’s largest user of recovered paper in the graphic paper industry.


Many of our paper products contain a high proportion of recovered paper. At most of our newsprint mills paper is made entirely from recycled fibre: At UPM Chapelle, UPM Hürth and UPM Shotton.

This saves raw material both during production and at the end of the lifecycle: instead of generating waste, the paper is reused as a valuable raw material. Fibre can be recycled up to six times, after which it can be used to generate renewable bioenergy.

UPM was the first company to receive the EU Ecolabel for newsprint. To meet the 2012-approved criteria, the paper must contain at least 70% recovered fibre. Recycled fibre represents one third of all fibre raw material used in UPM's paper production.

Efficient recycling is dependent on well-organised systems for sorting and collecting recovered paper. UPM collaborates actively with local authorities, wastepaper companies and communities to find ways to increase the recycling rate and encourage people to recycle more actively. This helps UPM safeguard the availability and quality of an essential raw material.

Offices and households have an important role to play when it comes to increasing and improving the quality of recovered paper.

Almost any paper can be recycled, so don't dump it – recycle it!