UPM NorService - for specific paper finishing needs

UPM NorService is the competence centre for special finishing applications, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of differentiated products.


UPM NorService GmbH

Industriestrasse 32
26892 Dörpen

Tel. +49 (0) 4963 9107-0
Fax +49 (0) 4963 9107-7171



As a paper converter, our services include the conversion and packaging of products of the paper, board and paper finishing industry as well as all tasks related to, for example, repacking, cutting and new packaging of paper products – whether it be extremely small or very large formats, bulk or ream packaging, punched or specially packaged papers.

No matter which format, reel width or packaging type, whether outer or retail packaging - NorService will find a tailor-made solution for virtually any finishing requirement. Optimum customer service rarely comes off the peg!


UPM NorService offering


Conversion services

One size does not always fit all! NorService provides paper conversion services by cutting and packaging papers. Our strenghts are tailormade packaging and confectioning solutions for special needs, emerging from distribution channels or printing device technology.

If you need reams or pallets re-labelled, re-packed or re-palletized, we can do it. This also goes for products along with paper such as CDs, inserts, brochures, flyers, maps, etc.

Sheet sizes by request

Standard is not always the right answer, individual needs require individual solutions. NorService cuts any special size, packed with any number of sheets, flagged with counting slips or divided by tints, ream wrapper or bulk packed.

We can cut your paper into all European and American sizes (also intermediate sizes, such as 32x45). Any bespoke size or A, B, C, SR and SRA sizes. Do you need hole-punched? We offer all common patterns.

Reel solutions

NorService can convert any reel starting from width 7 cm up to 250 cms. Into special diameters or according to running metres.
We respond to various end use needs by individual reel packaging. Examples of this are special metal pallets for pinless reels, protective boxes for Large Format Printing (LFP) reels or the special packaging and boxes for Digi reels.


NorService offers a wide range of packaging for specific formats and small quantities. We implement creative ideas into high-value packaging. In different sizes and different substances between 40 - 350 g/m2 including:

  • Printed ream wrapping
  • Foil packaging with individual inserts (bottom and cover inserts, CDs, colouring sheets, stickers)
  • Anniversary or promotional issues
  • Ream or box labelling
  • Promotional stickers
  • Small packaging fo SoHo (small office/home office)
  • Plastic bags
  • Collapsible cardboard boxes
  • Bulk packaging
  • Sample reams
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Add-ons

Technical equipment


Main technical equipment

  • Jagenberg folio size line (up to XXXL size)
  • 2 bielomatik cutsize line
  • 2 Pemco Oddsize line
  • 1 guillotine
  • 1 Jagenberg rewinder
  • 1 Goebel rewinder
  • 2 packaging lines
  • Reel packaging in shrink wrap and transparent stretchfoil
  • fork trucks for sheet & reel handling
  • integrated waste paper press system

Peripheral technical equipment

  • pallet turn-over station
  • 2 half-manual packaging lines for folio sheets
  • 1 automatic bielomatic packaging line for intermediate sizes (SRA3, etc.)
  • 3 reel wrapping stations (Kraftliner + Stretchfoil + Shrink wrap)
  • Pallet shrink oven
  • Robot for pallet stretch wrapping
  • 2 shrink tunnel for smaller sheets / bundling purposes
  • A5 shrinking line
  • Collating machine (sheet counting)
  • Hugo Beck Wrapping machine for re-sealable plastic bags
  • waste paper bale press
  • standardised size measuring equipment for permanent quality control