People & Society

We support people and society through responsible conduct throughout our supply chain and our operations.

By leading ethically, developing our employees and engaging with the communities where we operate, we lay the foundation for sustainable long term value creation in the paper industry.
Martin Ledwon, VP, Stakeholder Relations at UPM Communication Papers

What do we mean by people & society?

Responsible conduct towards the people and communities affected business operations is a fundamental part of any sustainability agenda. At UPM Communication Papers, we contribute to the well-being of people and communities at three levels throughout our value chain: responsible sourcing of raw materials, engaging with the communities that we source from or where we operate, and caring for the health and safety of our employees and contractors.



The elements of our approach to people & society


Responsible sourcing

Ensuring that all our suppliers operate responsibly

Local communities

Supporting the vitality of local communities close to our operations

Our safety culture

Ensuring that every day is a safe workday

Engaged teams

Providing inspiring, responsible leadership

UPM's Biofore Share and Care program

Supporting causes we care about


Responsible sourcing

Wood is the primary raw material for UPM Communication Papers, but we also purchase pulp, chemicals and recovered paper worldwide. Our sourcing network consists of suppliers ranging from private forest owners and local companies to large international corporations in many different countries. By working closely with suppliers, we ensure that they all understand and meet our requirements on sustainability and responsibility.

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Local communities

We operate globally with local impacts, and have responsibility embedded in our strategy. That means that we must always act and behave responsibly – with no exceptions. We work closely with the surrounding communities of our paper mills and have an open dialogue with the local people. Our engagement with communities is founded on decades of close cooperation; in many cases the community has grown around UPM's paper mills over the years and our mills are a contributor to the local eocnomy. The most important impacts are related to employment – directly and indirectly, logistics, raw materials supply and tax revenues.



Engaged teams

Our papers are produced by 7,000 paper professionals working at 14 modern and efficient mills in Europe and North America. Customer understanding, innovations, continuous improvement of efficiency and full utilisation of renewable raw materials are at the core of our sustainable operations.


Our safety culture

The safety of both our own employees and contractors is essential for us. We have strict safety requirements that are applied to all employees as well as visitors and contractors working at UPM premises. Workplace safety can be improved by changing our everyday behavior. In the past few years, our safety performance has remarkably improved. We continue working hard to create a real safety culture at our mills.


UPM's Biofore Share and Care program

We build a sustainable, innovation-driven future by sharing our expertise and assets for causes we care about. Sponsorships and donations are one way we do that.

Our focus areas are: Reading & learning, engaging with communities, responsible water use and boosting bioinnovations. UPM's support can take different forms in different projects. It can be a cash contribution to support community projects, membership of community-related organisation or it can be donations of products or materials or employee volunteering or fundraising.



Learn more about our projects and initiatives 

UPM supports the initiative Plant for the planet

Plant-for-the-Planet is a global initiative for children and young people with an ambitious goal: planting trees to mitigate climate change.

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Supporting the next generation


Safety training

We train our employees in security issues

It is important to get many people involved in the safety work and we take every opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other. UPM’s Code of Conduct expects and encourages everyone to comply with UPM’s safety requirements. It is integral to our culture of integrity that employees feel comfortable to voice their concerns and can trust UPM to take appropriate action.


Supporting local projects and communities


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