Welcome to UPM Customer Online!

UPM Customer Online (COL) is a digital service channel for our customers. It contains relevant data both for daily operations as well as different reporting needs. It offers our customers a chance to make several transactions easily and efficiently 24/7.


Taking digital to the next level with eOrder


How does Customer Online help you in your daily work?


Order placing and tracking

In eOrder you can place customized production orders as well as make call-offs from your stock. The tool gives you full control over your order, and allows you to adjust it also after it has been placed.

You can place production orders either by selecting the materials from the catalogue and defining the product characteristics or by copying an existing order and setting a new delivery date and order volume. 

In COL, you can also easily follow the status of your order and track the delivery. The documents related to your order, like the Order Confirmation, Delivery note and Invoice can also easily be downloaded in the tool.



Sample papers

Through COL, you can easily order unprinted paper samples. Your sample request will be routed to the right Customer Service specialist, who will handle it without any delays.

You will also have an overview of all the requests and orders you've made, making it very easy to follow up the status of requests, both delivered and undelivered.


E-claim: Your easiest way to register a claim

E-Claims is your gateway to easy claims creation. You can list and select affected packages online, claim cost calculation based on invoice price and link claims to related Credit Notes. Attaching claim evidence (pictures, documents, etc.) is swift!

You will have visibility to all your claims, not only the ones created via COL Web Service, and you will be able to export this data into Excel. This all will reduce the risk of human error and the need for routine phone calls and emails.


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