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Products carry all kinds of marks of recognition. Our commitment to sustainable production means that UPM Communication Papers products might carry even more than the norm. We are careful to be 100% transparent when it comes to the certificates and labelling on each of our products, and we also want to help ensure that they are meaningful to you.

Not sure what to consider when sourcing sustainable paper for your business? Read our 3 steps guide towards environmentally friendly paper. 


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Ecolabels certificates

Labels matter when it comes to sustainability. The comprehensive EU Ecolabel covers the whole product lifecycle, while regional eco-labels like the German Blue Angel and Austrian Eco label provide added confidence about impacts on climate and society. Our PEFC or FSC® Chain of Custody certification ensures that our products come from sustainably managed forests.

EU Ecolabel

Among environmental labels and certifications, the EU Ecolabel has the widest scope of criteria and is geographically the most extensive. Only products with the lowest environmental impact can be awarded the EU Ecolabel.

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German Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is issued by Germany's Federal Ministry of the Environment and has been awarded to particularly environmentally friendly products and services since 1978, making it the world's oldest ecolabel.

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In addition to ecolabels, all our businesses have FSC® and/or PEFC chain of custody certification. 

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Mill Environmental Reports

Each of our mills optimises energy and resource efficiency in order to minimise environmental impact. To keep on track, our mills are independently assessed by state-accredited environmental auditors. The annual performance is presented in our annual EMAS reports and statements.

EMAS reports 

The EMAS Report covers all UPM pulp and paper mills and there are individual EMAS statements for each mill. They are produced in in accordance with the voluntary EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). 

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Management systems

Management system certification is critical to maximising operational efficiency, minimising risk and ensuring environmental safety. All our mills operate management systems certified to the relevant ISO standards, as well as EMAS.




Wood origin statements

Our Origin of Wood Statements detail the sources and species of wood used at each of our mills. UPM’s tracing systems and chains of custody cover the requirements for both PEFC and FSC® forest certification schemes worldwide. We verify that the wood supplied to our mills is sustainably sourced, legally logged and procured according to the requirements of international forest certification schemes and the EU Timber RegulationUS Lacey Act and other regional jurisdictions.



Environmental product declarations

Our environmental product declarations (EPDs) describe the environmental impact of our products across their entire lifecycle, helping customers to make sustainable choices. They demonstrate our commitment to meeting and improving upon our sustainability goals.




Product safety information

Our product safety documentation provides customers with concise and transparent environmental information about our paper products and how they are produced. Customers can thus rest assured that our products are both safe to use and environmentally friendly.


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