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Our position as an industry leader is a testament to our continued efforts to drive sustainability as a trusted partner and a valued employer.

We take our role as the leading producer of graphic papers seriously: We strive to be a reliable and competent partner to our customers. And we commit to the continuous improvement of our sustainability performance to secure the future of our product and our customers’ business.”
Winfried Schaur, CEO, UPM Communication Papers

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We are the reference for graphic paper

We set high standards in the paper industry with outstanding products in a wide-ranging portfolio of graphical papers, a strong commitment to sustainable practices, and unmatched technical support. With our global supply and logistics network, we are your trusted partner for quick and reliable delivery. We are also vigorously confronting the world's megatrends like climate change through cutting-edge R&D, so you can rest assured that we are in this for the long haul.

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We are a leader in sustainability

UPM Communication Papers recycles more paper and uses more recycled fibre than any other graphic paper producer in the world. Our Sustainability Agenda embodies our long-term commitment to significantly reducing our carbon footprint, practicing responsible forestry, and promoting the circular economy. We are also dedicated to supporting  the well-being of our employees and the prosperity of our local communities. As an integral part of UPM's Beyond Fossils strategy, we help ensure that the company meets its responsibility targets.

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We are the place to work in paper

Paper is about people. UPM Communication Papers is a valued employer to 7,281 people at 14 paper mills in six countries and offices around the globe. Our priority is always to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and to reduce and eliminate accidents through continuous improvement and effective risk management. We offer a diverse and innovative working environment for experienced professionals and starters in technical commercial professions with broad development options and room for professional and personal growth.

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