Watch our webinar: Healthy forests & high-quality paper

The journey of paper begins in the forest and that's where we'll start. In this webinar, we take a deep-dive into sustainable and climate-fit forestry. 

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Renewable energy in Pyhäjoki, Finland

UPM’s commitment to reduce emissions by 65% by 2030 requires significant actions. UPM Communication Papers' investment in renewable wind power will decrease our emissions significantly, while it shows our commitment to sustainable paper production.

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Sustainable paper in numbers, 8 facts

Sustainable paper is the product of everything from responsible sourcing of raw materials, to sustainable paper manufacturing and recycling. At UPM, we're constantly working to improve all stages, as these facts about trees, forests and paper show.

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3 steps to environmentally friendly paper

A quick guide to making a sustainable choice of paper

You and the EU Ecolabel

A quick guide to the EU Ecolabel

Making paper brochure

Learn the basics of papermaking

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