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Webinar: Healthy forests and high-quality paper

8 December, 10:00 AM CET


Healthy forests and high-quality paper: How customers and the environment benefit from our climate-fit approach to forestry

Climate and environmental protection are determining topics in global industry. As a result, the requirements of customers and authorities are becoming increasingly strict. 

In short, paper must be produced in a sustainable way!

What’s our responsibility and response as an industry leader in graphic paper production?

The journey of paper begins in the forest and that’s where we’d like to start. In this webinar, we take a deep-dive into sustainable and climate-fit forestry. We provide meaningful facts and figures and provide gripping examples to show you how we make paper production and climate-positive forestry go hand in hand. 

Meet the experts speaking in the webinar:

Group 69.png

  • Ella Vilén, Senior Specialist, Sustainability
  • Stefanie Eichiner, Senior Manager, Sustainability
  • Atte Lindström, Director, Technical Customer Service & Product Management
  • Sawyer Scherer, Forest Ecologist, UPM Blandin Minnesota

We cover these topics:

  • Sustainable forestry practices in the context of paper production
  • The positive impact of sustainable commercial forestry
  • The importance of biodiversity and how we enhance it at UPM Blandin, Minnesota
  • From wood to paper – Fibre mix and paper quality
  • …And many more facts about trees, forests and sustainable paper