Workplace safety is an integral part of our work. Taking care of the safety and well-being of our people is a top priority for us.

It is essential for all industries to adapt and prioritise health and safety principles in order to promote the well-being of both employers and employees.
Anu Ahola, SVP Operations, Stakeholder Relations, UPM Communication Papers

Why is safety so important for us?

Manufacturing comes with its set of risks. Each year, in the world, nearly three million workers die due to occupational accidents and diseases, and hundreds of millions more suffer non-fatal injuries at work, according to the latest report of the UN agency in the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2022. 

Workplace safety, health and well-being is extremely important for every industry, as employees both require and are entitled to work in a safe and well protected environment. It is an integral part of any operational system and it is a top priority for us at UPM Communication Papers.



Safety. Mission zero.

Our clear objective is zero fatal and serious accidents. We strive to reduce and eliminate accidents under our control through continuous improvement and effective risk management. We also share best practices and safety observations – positive and negative, to ensure we are looking forward and always keep our eyes open.

We comply with international, national and local safety laws, regulations and rules. We do this through the implementation and compliance with the UPM Safety Standards and local procedures. Our culture is always to do more than the minimum required to keep our own people, contractors and visitors safe.


UPM Safety rules



Our three safety principles

Safety First

Safety is fully embedded in our daily activities and is not considered less or secondary than any other interest.

Safety Starts With Me

Underlines the importance of good safety behaviour and personal commitment to safety. We are all visible role-models in safety and help others to work safely.

We Can Prevent All Accidents

We assess and mitigate health and safety risks in our operations by focusing on learning, training and continuous improvement. We take action to address safety hazards when they are noticed or reported.


Learn more about our safety approach


Safety at UPM

Learn more about our safety approach on

Safety and well-being

Health and well-being

Safety culture

Safety at work

Safety first! UPMers share their personal tips for traffic safety

The road safety training programme produced by UPM and the Finnish Road Safety Council, Liikenneturva, has reached thousands of UPM employees globally, in nine different languages. The new training model encourages people to think about how they act behind the wheel.



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