In everything we do, we foster sustainable development as the only solid foundation for long-term value creation. Sustainability is the driving force behind our responsible sourcing and use of raw materials, our resource-efficient production and our caring for people and society. Sustainability is not a new topic on our agenda, it is part of our DNA.

We have always been like this. We are: Made of Sustainability.

Sustainable PAPERS

Paper is sustainable by nature. Paper is made of fully renewable materials, produced sustainably and are recyclable or biodegradable. Sustainable, high-quality papers are our response to some of today’s  most pressing environmental challenges and a perfect match for your business.



Sustainable PARTNER

Almost 200 years of experience in the paper business and the broadest portfolio of certified sustainable graphic papers make UPM Communication Papers a reliable and trustworthy partner. Our continuous investments and innovation result in the highest quality, social and environmental standards along the entire value chain – and real added value for you.



Sustainable PRODUCTION

We are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions by 65% by 2030, while minimising the environmental footprint of our paper products through the most efficient use of resources possible. We constantly innovate and develop our business for our customers. This is how we contribute to a healthy planet and a sustainable future.


Sustainable in every fibre


What do publishers consider important in sustainability?


"We are here for you!"

Our experienced sales network and competent service teams are there to respond to your needs. Let’s talk about a sustainable approach for your company. 


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