Grand Rapids, 
Minnesota, USA




230,000 metric tons annually

Paper products

Coated magazine papers (LWC)

Cote H, Cote G, Cote Plus H, Cote Silk, Cote Plus G, Ultra H, Ultra Plus H, Ultra Silk H, Ultra G


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Mill technology & Sustainability

52 %
Total solids to treatment plant reduction since 2009
81 %
Total Certified fiber
45 %
Total wastewater reduction since 2009


Strategic Partnerships

The Blandin Sustainability Team has utilized strategic partnerships with the Grand Rapids Public Utility Commission and Minnesota Power to make energy and water improvements.  Over the past 10 years Blandin has taken several systemic actions - including process and equipment changes and workplace training.  This has resulted in a 52% reduction in total solids and 45% reduction in total wastewater sent to the treatment plant.  In addition, a 26% reduction in fossil CO2 emissions has been achieved at the Blandin/Minnesota Power Rapids Energy Center site over the last nine years.



Smart Forestry℠

Smart Forestry℠ is our unique forest management system that follows nature’s clues as a guide to match tree and plant species with the right habitat over the life cycle of the forest. UPM Blandin developed the Smart Forestry℠ method of using plant communities and ecological principles as a basis for silvi­culture practices and maintaining biodiversity. The aim is to grow the optimum quality and value forest by promoting trees that grow best in each plant community type. ​

UPM also applies a 'life cycle' concept, starting with initial establishment of young trees, survival checking, pre-commercial spacing, several commercial thinnings and regeneration harvests. Valuable habitats are identified and recorded as part of stan­dard operational planning. Forest certification is nearly universal in Minnesota. All UPM land in Minnesota is SFI® certified. 



  • PEFC-CH11/0831.00 (PEFC/02-31-80) Chain of Custody Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
  • FSC-SGSCH-COC-002249 (FSC® C014719) Chain of Custody – Forest Stewardship Council®
  • Environmental Management System ISO14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001
  • Quality Management System ISO9001

All certificates can be found from UPM’s Certificate finder 


Blandin Forestry

UPM Blandin Forestry in the USA is responsible for supplying the UPM Blandin paper mill with the timber it requires and for sustainable management of the forests owned by UPM in the USA. The forestry unit is based at the mill in the town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. UPM owns and manages 187,876 acres of forest land making it one of the largest private owners in Minnesota.

Blandin Forestry



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Watch our video

Travel with us into the forest and follow papermaking from the woods into the paper mill.


Watch the Nature Conservancy video

The Nature Conservancy video highlights Smart Forestry℠ practices with UPM Blandin Forest Ecologist, Sawyer Scherer.


Smart Forestry℠ - A unique forest management system

Smart Forestry℠ is a forest management style that combines ecologically-based forestry, best site-management practices, in coordination with adjacent landowners. The key is to use nature’s clues as a guide to match the tree and plant species with the right habitat type over the life of a forest.

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The new Forest Action report is all about sustainable actions

The Forest Action programme brings all UPM’s forest responsibility goals and actions under the same umbrella and promotes the implementation of actions in all our wood sourcing areas: Northern Europe, Central Europe, the United States and Uruguay. In the Forest Action report just published, we present our key ambitions and actionalready taken.

More about Forest action

Download Forest Action report


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