Helping landowners reach their goals

Cheryl Adamson and Adam Sutherland

Woodlands Assistance

UPM Blandin works with landowners to integrate the preservation of natural habitats with harvesting and reforestation. We help them maximize the benefits from their ownership while providing a lasting legacy for the future. Our recommendations to the private landowner include, Management Prescriptions, and Site Plans (harvest, planting, release and timber stand improvement). Blandin also promotes Minnesota's Voluntary Site-Level Forest Management Guidelines. The most important aspect of Smart Forestry℠ is ecological classification, which is a combination of environmental factors such as soils and ground plants used to identify the best way to mimic nature.

GIS Plotting and Mapping

Our sophisticated Geographic Information System technology, produces a high quality map of the landowner's property. We integrate information about soils, plant communities, property lines, forest cover, and topography to apply accurate prescriptions to each forest stand "custom fit" to the landowner's objectives and goals.

We use Forest Management to meet landowner objectives by:

  • Improving habitat for wildlife.
  • Creating trails during harvest operations for recreation.
  • Removing forest material that would be a fire hazard.
  • Improving timber quality to provide high value products and a steady income.
  • Controlling insect and disease outbreaks by keeping trees healthy.
  • Regenerating the forest.

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