Smart Forestry℠ - A unique forest management system

Smart Forestry℠ is a forest management style that combines ecologically-based forestry, best site-management practices, in coordination with adjacent landowners. The key is to use nature’s clues as a guide to match the tree and plant species with the right habitat type over the life of a forest. This ensures us that we are placing the right species in the right place where we know it will thrive.

UPM Blandin developed the Smart Forestry℠ method of using plant communities and ecological principles as a basis for silvi­culture practices and maintaining biodiversity. The method is based on ecological classification with the aim of growing the optimum quality and value forest by promoting trees that grow best in each plant community type. ​

UPM also applies a 'life cycle' concept, starting with initial establishment of young trees, survival checking, pre-commercial spacing, several commercial thinnings and regeneration harvests. Valuable habitats are identified and recorded as part of stan­dard operational planning. Forest certification is nearly universal in Minnesota. All UPM land in Minnesota is SFI® certified. 

 “We assess the forest with our Smart Forestry℠ guidelines in hand.  While a traditional forester looks at the trees; we look to the forest floor where the soils and plants provide natures clues.” 

Quintin Legler,  UPM Blandin Forest Resources Manager