About the EU Ecolabel

Among environmental labels and certifications, the EU Ecolabel has the widest scope of criteria and is geographically the most extensive. Only products with the lowest environmental impact can be awarded the EU Ecolabel. Although it is a European label, printers outside the EU can also apply for the label.

The EU Ecolabel application process includes an assessment of the entire lifecycle of the paper and sets minimum standards related to:

1. Air and water emissions
2. Raw material sourcing
3. Use of chemicals
4. Energy use
5. Waste management

The use of the EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel criteria for printed paper products were approved in July 2012, which means that you will be able to print the EU Ecolabel logo on your printed end products (such as magazines, newspapers and brochures) and use it as a proof of your environmental responsibility. Since the products must be printed on EU Ecolabelled paper to be eligible for the label, using UPM papers awarded the EU Ecolabel gives you the perfect start.

How to apply for the EU Ecolabel

Your company applies for the EU Ecolabel independently

Involving the printing house

Usually the printing house is responsible for the application since the criteria for printed paper products include aspects related to the production of the final product – for instance, the printing process and the inks used in it need to be considered.

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