New, improved non-glossy CMR paper offering


Touch the brilliant colours, face the value of print

In the post-pandemic world, we’re seeing readers buying more print subscriptions and spending more
time with print. Readers love the print magazine experience and magazines with high-quality paper feel like luxury items. 

Magazines printed on our high-quality papers ensure excellent reader experience, which is our top priority. Our coated papers with non-glossy finish are appreciated for great printing results, vivid imagery and sustainability. In addition, these papers are high in bulk, which brings you cost advantages.

These days everyone’s favourite metric is engagement, and yet there’s nothing more engaging than a well-made magazine.
Toby Wiseman, Editor-in-Chief, Men’s Health U.K.

Our non-glossy CMR HSWO paper offering


Our renewed non-glossy CMR product family for heatset web offset printing consists of five products that have leading quality within coated mechanical papers. The new, improved offering will be active from the beginning of 2022.


UPM Star silk H

This paper is your choice for luxurious magazines, catalogues and marketing materials. Its incredible brightness and smoothness enhance image details and depth, making the entire viewing experience something special.

UPM Star silk H in Paper Catalogue

UPM Star matt 1.2 H

UPM Star matt 1.2 H with silk finish is ideal for your high-end books, luxurious magazines, catalogues as well as marketing materials. Its superior colour and image reproduction ensure vivid imagery, enhancing image details and depth.

UPM Star matt 1.2 H in Paper Catalogue


UPM Ultra silk H new

Created to meet the demands of the most demanding and modern printing jobs, the new improved UPM Ultra silk H brings out even the gentlest of color tones magnificently. Its attractive combination of silky surface and bulkiness makes this versatile paper an excellent choice for your magazines, catalogs, advertising materials and flyers. In addition, the basis weight range is now wider than before giving more opportunities for a variety of end uses and different printing methods.

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UPM Ultra matt 1.2 H

Developed especially for modern and demanding print jobs, the new UPM Ultra matt 1.2 H brings out even the gentlest of color tones magnificently. Its attractive combination of high bulk and smooth matt surface makes this versatile paper an excellent choice for your magazines, catalogs, advertising materials and flyers. This high bulk paper with high brightness ensures excellent printing results while bringing you savings in paper and mailing costs.

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UPM Cote silk H

UPM Cote silk H offers a winning blend of superior optical performance with the widest basis weight range on the market. Its smooth surface enhances quality printing, which makes it the right choice for end uses from paperback books to hard cover literature, ensuring high-quality outcome for large volumes.

UPM Cote silk H in Paper Catalogue

These papers are perfectly suited for various end uses such as:

  • Advertising material
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Direct mailing
  • High-quality magazines
  • Magazines

Why to choose UPM papers?


1. Experience the the leading quality within coated mechanical papers

  • Our versatile non-glossy offering from true matt to silky surface along with different brightness levels give an excellent opportunity for customers where to choose from
  • Three different brightness levels answer well the market needs dependent on customers’ preferences:
    • Our high brite silk grades give an excellent combination of high bulk and silky surface
    • Our high bulky grades give excellent opportunities for different end uses by having two different brightness levels with top class bulk

2. Save time and costs 

  • Our HSWO non-glossy papers are produced in Europe and North America. We have industry’s widest mill network in Europe, with mills in Finland, Germany and UK. Therefore you can expect short lead times and reliable deliveries according to your needs.
  • Save the costs related to printing and transportation. Because of the paper’s high bulk, basis weights can be lowered without compromising on looks, which enables you to save costs.

3. Made of sustainability

  • Low electrical energy and water consumption. Our mills use the minimum amount of energy and water needed to produce our papers. After fibre, energy and water are the other two main resources required to make paper. Learn more about resource use in the paper industry:
  • Certified, naturally. Our non-glossy papers for HSWO printing meet the requirements of the world-leading eco labels, such as EU Ecolabel, FSC™ & PEFC. (FSC-C014719), (PEFC/02-31-80).