UPM sets ambitious responsibility targets for 2030

27.5.2016 16:00 EEST

UPM has set new ambitious responsibility targets for 2030 in eleven focus areas that have been  inspired by the UN sustainable development goals in economic, social and environmental dimensions and adapted to UPM activities.

These targets aim at achieving equality, mitigating climate change, developing biodiversity and last but not least, support an economy compatible with the environment.

Among the most challenging targets for 2030, let's highlight:

  • Zero process waste to landfills or to incineration without energy recovery. Over 90% of UPM's total process waste is currently recycled or recovered.
  • 100 % of wood fibres used will be from certified sources. The certified fibre share in 2015 at UPM was 84 %.
  • 30% reduction in fossil CO2 emissions from a 2008 baseline.
  • 100 % of spend on UPM raw material to be qualified against UPM Supplier Code that includes social, ethic and environmental criteria.
  • All operations to have a certified OHS system by 2030

The complete list of targets are presented in detail in the UPM Annual Report 2015, available in printed or digital versions. Link »