UPM receives Supplier Excellence Award from Antalis in the UK

Press Release 4.3.2016 11:00 EET

'Consistent', 'reliable' and 'efficient' are just some of the reasons that Antalis UK is pleased to announce UPM as its 'Supplier Excellence Award' winner for 2015

Consistent delivery lead times were also a strong feature of UPM's performance, with an average of 15 days being closely aligned to Service Level Agreements across the product categories. In addition, product quality was reliable and complaint resolution was timely and efficient.

"We at UPM are delighted to be awarded the Antalis Supplier Excellence trophy for 2015. There are many people across the manufacturing and supply chain of the paper business that have to be aligned to achieve such an award. It is credit to all of those involved that a consistent, high level performance has been recognised by such an important customer as Antalis," comments Martin Holmes, UK General Manager and Sales Director for UPM.

"I am personally very proud of my team's performance in all areas, this award is a great recognition for us," adds Petteri Kalela, Senior Vice President, Merchants, Home & Office.

"They say "big isn't always best" but in this case it is!  Our business with UPM in the UK, and indeed across the Antalis Group, really is at an advanced partnership level.  I'm delighted to award them with the trophy this year for all the skill, hard work and dedication shown by their team here in the UK, at the manufacturing sites and right through the supply chain," said Andy Christian, Purchasing and Procurement Director Antalis UK & Ireland.

Andy adds: "UPM is always looking to improve processes and efficiencies in our dealings and, as such, are a key enabler of our ability to provide high service levels competitively to our customers."

"They are always up there in the running for this award, this being the second time in recent years that they've won it, and I have no doubt they'll be fighting to retain it.  The team has already asked if they get to keep the trophy for good if they score a third victory!," said Andy.

UPM is Antalis UK's largest supplier, covering a wide range of coated, uncoated and office paper products, manufactured at a number of European sites.