UPM made a third commitment for BSAG – Baltic Sea Action Group

Press Release 23.3.2016 16:00 EET

​UPM as a global, responsible company is a member of the Baltic Sea Action Group. The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG, officially called The Foundation for Living Baltic Sea) is an independent, non-profit foundation established in 2008 with a home base in Finland. The mission of BSAG is to revive the ecological state of the entire Baltic Sea.

In March 2016 we made already the third Commitment for BSAG. By the year 2030 we will use only recycled nutrients at our biological waste water treatment plants. We aim to find recycled nutrients from local sources, thus reducing local eutrophication in the best case and in any case promoting circular economy.

More information about our Commitments can be found from BSAG commitment bank »