Corporate Knights ranks UPM on the 25th place in the list of 100 most sustainable corporations in the world

Press Release 22.1.2016 12:00 EET
UPM has been ranked on the 25th place in the list of 100 most sustainable corporations by Corporate Knights, the Canadian-based media and research company. UPM is the only company in the Paper and Forest Products category.

The Global 100 Index is determined using 12 quantitative sustainability indicators, including the amount of revenue that companies generate per unit of energy consumed, the ratio of CEO to average worker pay and percentage of taxes paid. Companies who make the Global 100 ranking are the top overall performers in terms of sustainability in their respective industrial sectors, selected from 4353 listed companies with a market capitalisation of over 2 billion USD on 1 October 2015.

"This is the first time that UPM has been ranked on this esteemed list, and we really appreciate reaching such a good position ," says Päivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, Vice President of Environment and Responsibility at UPM.

"For UPM, driving top performance is clearly linked to sustainability. Our vision is captured in one word Biofore. It means that UPM integrates the bio and forest industries and builds a new, sustainable and innovation-driven future. Versatile use of recyclable and renewable wood biomass, combined with innovation, efficiency and responsibility are at the core of UPM Biofore," Salpakivi-Salomaa continues.

"Global 100 companies demonstrate ambition and achievement on a broad spectrum of indicators. They are where people want to work, buy from and invest in over the long term," says Toby Heaps, CEO of Corporate Knights.

For full rankings, check this link.