Printed newspapers are the most trusted medium in Finland

Press Release 22.5.2015 16:00 EEST

​Printed newspapers have become the most trusted medium in Finland, leaving behind the television channels of Finland’s national public-broadcasting company. This is the result of a survey, commissioned by the Finnish Newspapers Association, which was conducted in March 2015 by IRO Research Oy's nationwide consumer panel.
73 percent of all respondents feel that printed newspapers are reliable. Next come the national public-broadcasting television channels (70 percent), and national public-broadcasting radio channels (64 percent). In the previous survey, carried out in June 2014, national television and printed newspapers still shared the first place as most trusted medium in Finland (both achieved 74 percent).

The study found that also young people have a strong confidence in printed newspapers. Two out of three 18-24-year-olds stated that they consider printed newspapers the most reliable medium. They also considered the digital services from newspapers far more reliable than other digital media services.