Less is more in paper

Press Release 23.4.2015 16:00 EEST

UPM Valor paper
UPM has launched a new high quality and competitive printing paper grade, UPM Valor, designed especially for magazine publishers and brand owners. It is a prime example of how UPM’s papers add value for customers by providing savings in mailing and delivery costs without the need to compromise on quality.

UPM Valor matches the quality and properties of the reference paper grades but is up to 15% lighter in basis weight. Since fewer raw materials are needed, UPM Valor has a smaller environmental footprint.

After the launch in 2014, several international brand owners such as Spiegel, IKEA and Finnair have integrated UPM Valor into their paper portfolio. As an example, the weight loss achieved by Finnair’s in-flight magazine Blue Wings means that the airline company will save on fuel costs.

"UPM Valor combines our expertise and high quality materials. We have taken a massive leap forward in the development of our traditional paper products,” says Product Portfolio Manager Antti Pokkinen in Augsburg, Germany.

The paper producers have always wanted to produce paper from as little material as possible while keeping the paper properties consistent. UPM Valor fulfils this objective.
“UPM Valor was created by market demand. Customers expect cost efficiency from paper deliveries. Printed publications need to compete with other media products,” explains Pokkinen.
Paper products can become more competitive by making savings in delivery costs and by supporting the sustainability of customer operations throughout the value chain. UPM Valor enables all this. The paper is ideal for publications and printed products that are expected to be premium quality.
“Although UPM Valor is light, it feels the same in your hands as heavier grades,” says Antti Pokkinen. Will paper grades be more like UPM Valor in the future? “The financial and environmental benefits are so obvious that I would say so, yes.”