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Story | 05/20/2019 06:14:02 | 1 min Read time

UPM paper product catalogue 2019 is out now – get to know our perspective on paper

Paper has a much higher communication value than people expect. Each type of paper gives your print product a unique look and feel – from ecofriendly, lightweight rotogravure papers to glossy, luxurious printing paper. No matter what your needs and demands towards the foundation of your printing product are, you can be sure to find it in our new paper product catalogue 2019.


Finding the right paper, made easy

There are thousands of reasons to put something on paper and there are at least as many ways to do so. Regardless of the end use and printing process, we have the right paper for you. To find the right fit for your individual project, our new catalogue is an easy-to-use manual for all paper needs. It lists the UPM product ranges according to the printing processes, so you can navigate comfortably. The catalogue includes the characteristics of each type of paper in a depth of detail for you to evaluate the perfect match.

Our sustainability promise

For our broad portfolio with around 150 paper products to grow and adapt to your needs, sustainability is a key factor. Therefore, we committed ourselves to fulfilling the criteria of a number of ecolabels and certificates and foster the first-class environmental quality of our products created for you. In our new catalogue you can learn more about our sustainability efforts and the relevant certificates.



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