What is UPM Pure all about?

 UPM Pure is a new super bright and bulky uncoated mechanical paper with exceptionally high opacity, which will make your paper product shine with low show-through. The higher amount of recycled fibre content compared to alternative papers gives your product a natural touch and feel as well as enables to stand out. 


UPM Pure is perfectly suited for various end uses such as:

  • Magazines
  • Newspaper inserts
  • Special newspapers
  • Special direct marketing materials 
  • Crossword magazines

Learn more about UPM Pure technical product specifications by downloading UPM Pure fact sheets: 

UPM Pure fact sheet (HSWO printing)

UPM Pure fact sheet (CSWO printing)


Why UPM Pure?


1. Experience the exceptional brightness with a natural touch

  • Shine bright with low show-through. UPM Pure is a super bright uncoated mechanical paper with up to two percentage points higher opacity compared to alternative papers. 
  • Stand out from the crowd. UPM Pure stands out because of the great print reproduction and unblemished colours. 
  • It’s all about touch and feel. The higher amount of recycled fibre content compared to alternative papers gives an edge and a natural character to your paper product.

2. Save time with efficient press performance

  • UPM Pure is produced in Central Europe. You can expect short lead times due to central location of the mill in Schongau, Germany.
  • Minimise the need for press adjustments. You can save costs with efficient press performance and long production runs.
  • Maintain the illusion of weight. Because of the paper’s high bulk, basis weights can be lowered without compromising on looks. You are able to save costs related to printing and transportation.

3. Made of sustainability

  • Low electrical energy and water consumption. UPM Pure is a resource-efficient paper thanks to its high recycled fibre content and the fact it contains ENVIROFIL® PCC, a pigment recovered from the mill’s recycled paper reprocessing. UPM Pure is circular economy in action.
  • Certified, naturally. UPM Pure meets the requirements of the world-leading eco labels, such as EU Ecolabel, FSC® & PEFC. (FSC-C014719), (PEFC/02-31-80).