UPM Impresse plus C

An innovative magazine paper for CSWO printing

UPM ​Impresse plus C is a pioneering SC paper custom-developed for coldset web offset printing. UPM Impresse plus C offers a smoother, glossier finish and a unique, magazine-quality result that sets new benchmarks in CSWO printing.

The velvety finish and appealing texture enable superior-quality print reproduction characterised by intense colours and rich contrasts. This new innovation opens up a whole new range of business opportunities for CSWO printers, whilst also enabling more efficient utilization of press capacity.

UPM Impresse plus C is offered in three grammages: 48 g/m², 51 g/m² and 54 g/m². Although special press settings are not strictly required for higher-quality results, UPM offers straightforward press/post-press recommendations for the best possible print quality.


Minimum resetting, maximum value


5 reasons to choose UPM Impresse plus C


1. Transform quality

Our exclusive UPM Impresse plus C delivers outstanding print quality compared to MFS and other regular CSWO grades.

2. Maximize opportunities

The superb look and feel meets customers’ needs – with a smooth, silky finish, solid images and a soft velvety touch.

3. Minimize downtime

Utilise free press capacity for magazines, inserts, value-added advertising and special-interest supplements.

4. Reset efficiently

Simple press and post-press configuration offers a cost-effective way to expand your core business.

5. Print sustainably

UPM Impresse plus C paper is produced to the highest sustainability standards – we want to grow your business, not your carbon footprint!


Interested in the product?

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Matthias Reh
Director, Product Portfolio
News & Retail

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