Calcit named top supplier for UPM’s paper businesses

Press Release 20.11.2017 11:00 EET

Slovenian pigment supplier Calcit came first in the supplier evaluation process of UPM Paper ENA and UPM Specialty Papers. The company has made significant efforts to develop its products and practices to match the needs of the paper industry.


Fillers and coating pigments are cornerstones of papermaking. Calcit d.o.o. (Slovenian limited liability company) specialises in manufacturing calcium carbonates, and supplies UPM mills in Augsburg, Plattling and Ettringen with GCC (ground calcium carbonate).

Thanks to its innovations, Calcit has been able to offer competitive products which have enabled UPM to reduce the cost of paper production. GCC is cheaper than for example kaolin, another commonly used pigment.

“The GCC products are very competitive and there are only a few manufacturers. One of them is Calcit. It is easy to do business with Calcit. It is an agile company and very eager to develop new products,” says Thomas Günther, Director, Pigment Sourcing at UPM Augsburg.

Calcit and UPM have been collaborating for many years. This cooperation stepped up a level in 2013, when Calcit deliveries began to multiply.

“Our relationship with Calcit executives works exceptionally well. When we express a wish, they listen to us and do their best to fulfil it. Our collaboration is based on respect and fairness,” Thomas Günther adds.


UPM compared the commercial, technical and supply chain performance of over 60 suppliers. Calcit’s scores were top notch in every aspect.

For the winner, the title of Top Supplier is the most prestigious award in the field so far. “The trophy motivates us to continue with our good work. We have made the right decisions and have learnt to be patient. We have to deliver what the customer wants without complaint,” says Matevž Kirn, President and CEO of Calcit. “The paper industry faces major changes and we have to adjust our products to meet new demands,” he continues.

Calcit has production plants in Croatia and Slovenia. The company is continuously developing new products and the products are consistent in terms of quality. Calcit aims to replace kaolin in paper production with its own products.

“We are pleased that UPM deliveries have increased, but naturally we also wish to increase them further in the future. Moreover, we want to develop promising new products. There are lots of different possibilities,” says Matevž Kirn.


The combined efforts of Calcit and UPM have also had an effect on logistic solutions. Over the past year, calcium carbonate has been dispatched from company plants using dedicated freight trains instead of single carriages. “When 20 to 30 railcars from Croatia or Slovenia rumble along the tracks to our mills non-stop, the delivery times are shorter and the deliveries are more reliable and cost-efficient,” Thomas Günther explains.

Calcit wants to offer immediate service. It strives for growth and aims to supply North European paper mills with cost-efficient pigments.


Text: Helen Moster