“Biodiversity in Good Company” receives repeat award from UN Decade on Biodiversity

Press Release 6.12.2017 1:00 EET

The „Biodiversity in Good Company“ initiative secured a repeat award from the jury of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity. The initiative is an alliance of 28 companies (as at September 2017) who are advocating the protection of biological diversity.

To achieve this goal, the initiative aims at

-        participating in the development of practical business opportunities for action

-        improving corporate biodiversity management and learning from each other

-        leading as good examples to create public awareness for the topic by joint public relations work

Dr. Stefanie Eichiner, Manager, Environmental Market Support CE, UPM Paper ENA and Chair of the non-profit “Biodiversity in Good Company” initiative says: “The repeat award demonstrates that the initiative successfully puts its self-declared mission into practice: giving companies practical tools for taking responsibility and making a contribution to maintaining biodiversity.”

UPM, as one of the founder members, takes a sustainable approach across all of its operations, resulting in an ecologically sound value chain of all its products throughout their whole lifecycle, from the forest through to recycling. UPM works exclusively with renewable raw materials from sustainably managed forests and uses renewable energy for papermaking wherever possible.

“Whether it be first steps to restore mill premises to their original state or effective measures to protect species and habitats along the value chain – the award demonstrates that the “Biodiversity in Good Company” network has for many years been successfully using the accumulated know-how of its member companies from the German corporate landscape”, explains Stefanie Eichiner, who was re-elected to the Chair on 9 November 2017.