Books for refugee children

UPM and the Association of German Magazine Publishers VDZ provide Stiftung Lesen (German Reading Foundation) financial support to enable read-aloud and storytelling for refugee children and their families. The first of nationwide 75 media boxes titled "Reading together - living together" were handed over in a community house in Berlin's Lichtenberg in March 2016. The German state minister Helge Braun was present at the event, stressing the importance of language skills, reading and writing for the integration.

„The commitment of UPM and VDZ is a big help and an important signal. In addition to governmental agencies and civic engagement, this kind of economical support is needed. This example shows how companies can carry out their responsibility for succesful integration practices", said minister Braun about the support for the work of Stiftung Lesen.

"We are extremely happy to support the Stiftung Lesen's initiative, Zusammen Lesen – Zusammen Leben. Education is a basic right but before you can go to school, you need the language. It is, however, not only about education, reading also teaches children about the world around them - their new country and culture. I sincerely hope that this program supports the integration of refugee families by providing them the opportunity to read and learn together with the local people. It's great to see how many volunteers are committed to work for this target", said Winfried Schaur, Executive Vice President of UPM Paper ENA.