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Paper - Luxury for your everyday

Paper meets all the key fundamental elements of sustainability: it is made of renewable raw material, totally recyclable and biodegradable.



EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is the world's most widely recognised environmental label. EU Ecolabelled products and services fulfil strict environmental criteria based on the entire life cycle of the product or service.


Die drei Interviews mit Talking Heads geben Ihnen einen Einblick in die Rolle des Papiers im heutigen Multikanalumfeld.

Talking Heads - Pauline Zosi, Manager distribution and promotion, IDEAT

Pauline discusses the way a magazine chooses its paper grades and their importance in establishing the titles as a brand. She highlights the importance of quality and range of paper choices for their advertisers.



Talking Heads - Mercedes Erra, Founder of BECT and Managing Director of Havas Worldwide

Mercedes explains why paper is of highest importance for the marketing industry in general, especially for customer relationship marketing (CRM) purposes. In this one to one interview she agrees with studies that claim people trust more in the printed word than in the digital one.



Talking Heads - Dominic Pemberton, Head of Publications, Home Retail Group including Argos

Dominic discusses the evolution of the printed catalogue and the increasing role of digital platforms. He discusses the shift to different publication types and the grades required to help promote their brand and its offerings to consumers.





Ihr EU-Umweltzeichen

Ihr EU-Umweltzeichen