UPM EcoLite - a revolutionary thin print solution

The name says it all: UPM EcoLite. In addition to being an ecological choice, the paper offers an economical option without compromising on the reading experience or folding properties of the end product. 

The new paper has been designed to meet the varying needs of customers requiring lightweight papers for books and inserts such as pharmaceutical leaflets, religious literature as well as user manuals and instructions. By choosing UPM EcoLite, you can benefit from significant cost savings compared to a conventional paper solution.


Pharma leaflets

In pharmaceutical leaflets every word is vital. With excellent folding properties, high opacity, and perfect readability, the text is always legible when you need to be precise.

User manuals

With UPM EcoLite, you can achieve savings in space and money without having to reduce the amount of information. Ecologically and economically.

Religious literature

UPM EcoLite is designed especially for high-volume printing. The paper offers an optimal price-quality ratio and runs smoothly in the process. Thanks to its high opacity, your books always have a high quality finish.


Excels in sustainability

UPM EcoLite is available in 29, 32, 34, and 38 g/m2. Lighter paper leaves a smaller environmental footprint. UPM EcoLite is produced with less raw material, water and energy – without compromising on folding or printing properties. The paper carries the EU Ecolabel as proof that its production process meets the highest environmental criteria.


Interested in the product?

For further information on UPM EcoLite, please contact your local UPM sales representative or 

Joonas Järvinen
Manager, New Business Development, News & Retail

Our sustainability approach

UPM’s performance and consistent work on corporate responsibility has been recognized by several international bodies and made us the industry leader in several indices.

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