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New Future Multi Neutral

A new CO2-neutral future in your hands


New Future Multi Neutral is a new bulky high-white multi-purpose responsible office paper for all copy and print correspondence. The paper's carbon emissions have been offset through UPM CO2ACT service. By choosing New Future Multi Neutral, you support local climate projects and initiatives verified through the Gold Standard Foundation.

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Why New Future Multi Neutral?

This CO2-neutral office paper is a responsible choice that won't compromise on quality or clarity of readership. So you get the best while doing better. 


Invest in a CO2-neutral future

At UPM, we have committed to reducing our CO2 emissions by 65% by year 2030. The carbon emissions of New Future Multi Neutral have been offset through UPM CO2ACT service. The projects and initiatives used to offset CO2 emissions are verified through the Gold Standard Foundation

Make a promise with Responsible Fibre™

UPM's Responsible Fibre trademark guarantees that New Future Multi Neutral meets the industry’s most demanding environmental and social responsibility criteria verified by a third party.

Meet the highest environmental standards

New Future Multi Neutral carries the EU Ecolabel and FSC Chain of Custody certification. Read more about our ecolabels and certificates here.

Demand more responsibility through responsible wrapping

New Future Multi Neutral reams are wrapped in material, which is entirely free of plastics, 100% renewable and biodegradable.


The multifunctional top quality copy and print paper


Multi-purpose paper for all copy and print, available in 80gsm A4 & A3

Bulky with high whiteness and quality-defined print detail

Great runnability in all printers, copiers and faxes 

Good colour, contrast and realistic print reproduction


New Future Multi Neutral – Are you the master of a CO2-neutral future?


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