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We are committed to paper - now and in the future. We make sure that with consistent quality, reliable deliveries and excellent service our customers will always have the right paper.
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​UPM DIGI PAPERS - Choose the right paper for your press and enduse

Take full advantage of the possibilities of digital printing. UPM Digi papers are available for a wide variety of digital applications.

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EU Ecolabel for newsprint now available

The brochure explains the application process for the EU Ecolabel for newsprint and how it can be utilized in the final product (UPM News and UPM EcoBasic).

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​Get a head start with upm's EU Ecolabelled papers for printed products

This brochure mentions the requirements of the application process for the EU Ecolabel.
With this EU Ecolabel, customers are able to print the logo on their en products (brochures, magazines, newspapers).

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Three steps towards environmentally responsible paper

Choosing an environmentally friendly paper is about taking​ the product's whole life cycle into account.

With three basic steps you can ensure that your choice of paper is produced from sustainably sourced fibre, in the most environmentally efficient mill and using clean energy.
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​Making Paper

The basic principles of papermaking have remained almost unchanged for two thousand years.

Today, we utilise the most advanced technology, not only to make paper, but also to ensure that the process utilises raw materials in the most sustainable way, with minimal impact on the environment at every stage from resources to recycling.

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