Ecolabels and certificates guarantee our high enviromental standard


Most of UPM’s Environmental and Social Responsibility certificates and position statements can be found using our search tool.

It allows you to find the certificate you’re looking for by certificate type or category (e.g. CoC) or specific production unit/mill. Further fine tuning allows you to select within a specific unit or business area (e.g. Paper).

Through our Certificate Finder you can find all the following documents as PDF files:

  • Paper Profiles
  • Carbon Footprint information
  • Ecolabels certificates
  • Chain of Custody certificates
  • Environmental Management System (EMAS) certificates
  • Health and Safety certificates
  • Quality Management System certificates
  • Environmental Product Declarations
  • Statements (on chemicals, heavy metals, GMO, REACH, EU Timber Regulation)

If you´re looking for Food Safety Certificates or Toy Safety Certificates, please contact environmental support.


​Environmental labels support our customers in making responsible choices and give them a competitive advantage. The majority of our products are independently certified. The EU Ecolabel covers the product’s whole lifecycle, and is thus the most comprehensive ecolabel available on the market. We are the largest producer of graphic and copying papers that have been awarded the EU Ecolabel.

The EU Ecolabel is intended as a guide for consumers who want to buy environmentally friendly paper products. For buyers, the EU Ecolabel guarantees that the raw material has been acquired in a responsible manner, and the chemicals used in the paper production process, energy consumption, production emissions and waste treatment fulfil the strictest environmental requirements.  

UPM's papers are also offered with PEFC or FSC certification. These forest certifications promote sustainable forestry. They verify that fibre used for paper products is sourced from well managed forests.

1) No EU Ecolabel criteria available for label paper.
2) All papers that are awarded with the EU Ecolabel are automatically also approved for Nordic Swan - Inspection status needed from 1.4.2014 onwards.

Did you know ?

The EU Ecolabel has the widest scope of all existing ecolabels.

Show your full commitment to sustainability by printing and displaying the EU Ecolabel logo on your product – naturally made from UPM’s EU Ecolabelled paper.

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The EU Ecolabel has the widest geographical coverage of all existing ecolabels. That is very important for a global company like UPM.