Product safety = our priority

Your safety our priority

Well-informed customers are valuable to UPM as an industry frontrunner in responsibility issues. A comprehensive range of transparent, concise environmental information about our paper products and their production has been developed especially for you.

​Perhaps you require information for a tender application, your marketing material, your lifecycle calculations, or simply to assure that UPM mills and products meet the highest environmental standards.

Or perhaps you wish to find out more about how we manage environmental issues ranging from climate change to plantation forestry, or our overall approach to corporate responsibility.


​Product safety starts with sourcing chemicals only from trustworthy suppliers. UPM has launched its own Restricted Chemical Substance List (UPM RSL) to guarantee that our chemical suppliers are compliant with UPM’s high sustainability standards and to ensure that our products are safe, clean and free of restricted chemicals.

​You will find this fact kit in our Certificates’ search tool:

  • Paper Profiles: impacts linked to paper production on air, water and soil
  • Carbon Footprint information: on page 2 of paper profile
  • Product Safety
    • Product Safety Profile: General information covering all specific regulations related to paper including environmental, human health and food contact issues
    • Restricted Chemical Substance List: dedicated to UPM suppliers
    • Non use warranty for chemical substances: in reference to the main European regulations
    • Non use warranty for heavy metals
    • REACH statement
    • GMO statement
  • ​Product and Management System Certificates
  • ​Certificate Finder (see link below)

If you´re looking for Food Safety Certificates or Toy Safety Certificates, please contact environmental support

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​Product stewardship combines proven ecodesign and product safety thinking

(19 May 2015) - For us product stewardship is about much more than just making sure that our products are sustainable and safe to use. It is about the eco-design ideology – designing and producing our products responsibly and ensuring, whenever possible, that the end of our products’ lifecycle is the birth of something new. And that we can prove all this. Read more »