​No matter what your business, sustainability is your business. It’s not just an image issue – it’s a business fundamental that must be part of every company culture and practiced daily in today’s new business era.

Everyone wants a good sustainability scorecard, but is this enough? We at UPM think not. We believe in innovating together with our customers to stay ahead of the curve as bold Biofore innovators.

When it comes to sustainable paper, UPM can help you find a solution that’s good for the environment and for your bottom line. For UPM, the two go hand in hand. Eco-design is part of our DNA. We work hard to develop sustainable paper products to meet changing demands.

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UPM takes a Biofore approach to sustainable paper:

  • For us, sustai​​nable paper production means a combination of economic, environmental and social factors.​
  • Our products are sustainable over their entire lifecycle, from forest to recycling.
  • ​We use renewable raw materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. 
  • Our paper is recyclable and biodegradable and produced using bioenergy wherever possible.
  • We constantly minimise our impacts, waste and consumption of water and energy.
  • Our unique Biodiversity Program embeds biodiversity as part of modern forest management.

UPM services help you enhance your environmental performance:

UPM Paper environment performance 

  • We offer consultancy, training and information material.
  • ​We provide partnership projects, presentations, visits and seminars.
  • ​We prepare life cycle calculations and environmental product declarations for our customers.
  • We support the European Ecolabel, which covers our product’s entire lifecycle. UPM has the most comprehensive offering of papers carrying the EU Ecolabel in our industry.


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 UPM Biofore stories

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UPM has launched its first Responsible FibreTM product: New Future office papers!

The UPM Biofore story is now being delivered through the Responsible FibreTM verification of a high performance UPM office paper range, creating a smart choice for a "New Future".  Watch the video to find out what New Future is all about.

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​We integrate responsibility in our daily operations

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