Streamlined customer service organization at your call

  • ​Service in your own language.
  • Quick response and shortened delivery times.
  • In-depth product and material know-how.
  • The ability to anticipate your product needs.

In order to better focus on the specific needs of labeling and packaging, a new customer service organization has been operative for the last six months. With no less than exceptional customer service as their goal, Customer Service Manager Arttu Keskinen and his team of international professionals are ready to serve.

The centralized two hubs in Antwerp and Finland serve the label, packaging and siliconizing customers in their industry-specific questions. The agile and adaptable customer service team constantly enhances its competence in production and customer processes, and can transfer best practices from one country to another to benefit the customers.

The key is to offer service based on in-depth knowledge of a customer’s business and way of working. “Our target is to be the most customer-oriented player in the market,” says Keskinen.

​The team in Antwerp serves Western Continental Europe and UK, and the team in Finland replies to enquiries from countries in Northern Europe and agents.

“We serve our customers in their own language. Our team in Antwerp​, for example, has native speakers of five different languages,” Keskinen explains. Every customer has an assigned main contact person with related business know-how. “We want to stand out with the best service quality, and are happy to receive feedback.”

Team in Tampere: Tarja Koskela, Nina Kotiranta, Minna Holopainen

Team in Antwerp: Front row left: Nicky Bruyninckx, Lilly Berhami, Arttu Keskinen. Back row left: Elise Materne, Clelia Ripepi, Mascha Walkenhorst, Marta Prieto