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Sheet fed offset papers (SFO)

Create your story, trust your paper. SFO papers are especially suitable for high-quality publications ...

Heatset web offset papers (HSWO)

Touch the brilliant colours, face the value. A wide range of HSWO papers mainly used for magazin...

Rotogravure papers (RG)

Sense the quality, gain the reliability. Usual end-uses for RG papers are magazines, catalogues and advertising ma...

Coldset web offset papers (CSWO)

Reach your targets faster, perform better. CSWO papers are typically used for newspaper producti...

Digital printing papers

Achieve the right match. Papers for direct mail, advertising and promotional materials, transactional documents, b...

Office Papers

Print your vision, make your mark. Papers optimised for laser and inkjet copying and printing in all business environments.

Postal papers

Deliver your message clear and intact. Papers for envelopes, preprint purposes and digital printing.

Packaging Papers

Wrap your precious ones, protect your products. Papers for flexible packaging and various technical applications.

Label Papers

Attach your information, share your facts. Papers for self-adhesive labelstock and release bases.