Sustainable by design - naturally

​Choosing an environmentally responsible paper requires taking the whole lifecycle into account. Many aspects need to be considered: the origin of the wood fibre, emissions from production processes, effluent treatment, energy consumption, carbon footprint, water consumption, chemicals, and waste management amongst others.

To continually improve the sustainability of our products throughout the whole life cycle and value chain, UPM has adopted the concept of ecodesign as a systematic approach in product design. Ecodesign is an approach that takes environmental factors into consideration in the design and development of products, covering the whole lifecycle of products..

Sustainable and efficient use of resources brings with it advantages in energy, production and cost efficiency. More with Biofore is UPM’s concept for creating more with less through better material efficiency UPMpaper products are produced using less water and energy and generating less waste, thereby giving products more economic and environmental value.

Read our Environmental Rules as the guiding document of our environment related activities:


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