Jämsä River mills - UPM Jämsänkoski and UPM Kaipola


Established in: 1888
Location: Jämsä, Finland
Personnel: 1 120
Production capacity: approx. 1,580,000 tonnes per year​
Products​:  Newsprint, TD, SC, LWC and speciality papers (label and packaging papers) 
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UPM Kaukas

Established in: 1873
Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
Personnel (production in pulp also): 720
Production capacity: approx. 580,000 tonnes per year
Products: LWC and MWC


UPM Kymi 

Established in: 1872
Location: Kouvola, Finland
Personnel (production in pulp also): 620
Production capacity: approx. 830,000 tonnes per year
Products: WFU and WFC


UPM Rauma

Established in: 1969
Location: Rauma, Finland
Personnel: 690
Production capacity: approx. 1,210,000 tonnes per year
Products: LWC and SC


UPM Tervasaari 

Established in: 1872 
Location: Valkeakoski, Finland 
Personnel: 330
Production capacity: approx. 285,000 tonnes per year
Products: Label and envelope papers