Readers prefer printed women’s magazines

Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association (Aikakausmedia) found out that 75 per cent of readers could not give up on printed women’s magazines. Women’s magazines are a medium with highly committed readers who prefer print.

A research studying the relationship between women’s magazines and their websites was conducted in March 2013 in Finland. The aim of the study was to clarify what kind of roles printed women’s magazines and their websites have as media among their readers and to indicate how committed the readers were.

Relaxing moments with printed magazines

It was found out that printed women’s magazines were preferred mainly because they offer a relaxing reading experience in their readers’ otherwise busy and hectic life. According to the study, readers felt that a printed magazine is a manageable medium.







Tangibility and possibility to touch, fold, smell, cut and make notes were important reasons for preferring printed women’s magazine. Printed magazines were also considered to be of better quality than their digital counterparts.
Readers of the printed magazines commented their reading experience as follows:
”It can be opened and folded, it doesn’t radiate and flimmer, it can be placed anywhere and it is accessible anytime.”
“One is not forced to see any advertisements bouncing and covering part of the text.”
“It can be kept with all the time and flipped through back and forth easily. It offers a relaxing pause.”

Printed and web content in interplay

Women’s magazines’ websites showcase the printed magazine and offer additional content to the printed articles. According to the research web content should be created based on the needs of printed magazine readers. This is due to the finding, that women’s magazines’ websites do not seem to have independent users, but rather visits from readers of the printed magazine.
Based on the findings researchers recommend new kind of advertising concepts combining both printed and web content in interaction. This way advertisers and publishers can create new experiences to their readers and the readers are able to enjoy the best qualities of both media. To achieve this, printed and web content should work in a deep interplay.
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