The latest, innovative paper products on show in May

​(UPM, Helsinki, 14 March 2012)
UPM continues to offer a broad range of papers for various end-uses.
At UPM, we are continuously developing new solutions to produce hi-tech papers for our customers from renewable natural resource using our state-of-the-art production facilities.
At drupa trade fair in May you can familiarise yourself with our latest, innovative paper products such as UPM Eco product family with exceptionally low carbon footprint, recycled fibre based office papers and UPM SwanBarrier which has a unique combination of functionalities which no paper has ever had.

Significant savings with UPM Eco X H

, an uncoated soft-calendered paper, is a new option within our product portfolio. It is available in 40 gsm (36 gsm and 38 gsm upon request).
With UPM Eco X H it is possible to gain significant cost advantages as it enables excellent results with lower weight. It offers considerable savings in in paper consumption, transportation, postage and handling.
Using UPM Eco X H also gives an environmental edge because it contains recycled fibre and has low carbon footprint.
UPM Eco X H has been awarded the EU Eco-label and is available as PEFC or FSC certified.
UPM Eco X H is particularly suitable for retail flyers, catalogues and special offer advertising material.
Technical target values for UPM Eco X H > 

A true paper renaissance in office papers

UPM Office Recycled premium

is a high white paper made from 100 % recycled fibres which makes it an environmental and sustainable choice for office documents. Here you will find one of the highest quality recycled papers in the market.
It is suitable for laser printers, inkjet printers, copiers as well as fax machines using laser and inkjet printing methods. The new grade has a uniform sheet formation and good bulk.
In addition, this product is supplied with both the EU Ecolabel and FSC certification.
PAPER_A4_ream_UPM Office Recycled plus_high_150.jpg

         UPM Office Recycled plus
         - 100 % recycled paper with Blue Angel
UPM Office Recycled plus
offers a valuable complement to the wide range of UPM Office papers. It is a superb white paper made from 100 % recycled fibres.  A functional and an environmental choice for office documents. UPM Office Recycled plus is Blue Angel accredited and has EU Ecolabel certification.
In addition, this grade is equipped with FSC forest certification. It is suitable for laser printers, inkjet printers, copiers and fax machines.
Both grades offer following benefits
• 100% post-consumer waste deinked pulp fibres
• excellent whiteness & cleanliness
• uniform sheet formation
• good bulk to roughness ratio
• excellent printability including inkjet
Check out the UPM Office product range in the new Online Paper Catalogue >

UPM SwanBarrier papers
-a new biodegradable barrier paper range


UPM is to launch a new recyclable and biodegradable barrier paper range
UPM SwanBarrier and UPM SwanBarrier light.
These exceptional oneside coated barrier papers are made online. They have water vapour barrier and/or medium grease resistance.
The main end uses are bread bags for hard crust bread, or biscuit and greasy food wrappings.
UPM SwanBarrier and UPM SwanBarrier light have a unique combination of functionalities which no paper has ever had. They are produced from renewable wood fibre with no plastics or fluorochemicals, so they are completely recyclable or biodegradable. And done online
– no transportation needed between producer and converter.
UPM SwanBarrier is available in 65 and 60 gsm and UPM SwanBarrier light in 45 and 55 gsm.
The papers are produced at UPM Jämsä River mills in Finland.
For further information and pictures, please contact:
Terhi Jokinen, Communications Manager, UPM Paper Business Group,, Tel: +358 2041 50491

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