Zalando - online retailer goes into print

​Scream with joy! This is the motto of Zalando, one of the largest German online fashion retailers. A print magazine now presents their portfolio, selects product highlights and provides styling tips. The company links online and offline shopping in a clever way.

Many people were surprised when the first Zalando Magazine appeared in 2010, but Zalando has always used several marketing channels – especially its hip TV commercials.

In cooperation with Europe’s largest company for gravure printing, Prinovis, Zalando decided to launch a stylish alternative to the traditional product catalogue. The quarterly Zalando Magazine appears in six European countries and its 2 million circulation is rising. Sales figures more than tripled in 2011 compared to the previous year.

Print – a unique way of communicating

Positive feedback from clients and media has quickly demonstrated that print media are important to communicate messages that are difficult to transmit via other channels.
Zalando has an internal department and the content of the magazine is carefully researched, illustrated and designed. Just like a stylish glossy fashion magazine with one essential advantage – it’s free.

Advantages from high quality paper

The right paper has of course played an important role. Prinovis and Zalando chose matt – currently a trend with magazines – UPM Ultra matt G 75 gsm, developed especially for such modern and sophisticated purposes. The magazine appears substantial but is comparatively light, saving money when sending it to clients and distribution partners, and saving the environment as well. Less weight also saves fuel and CO2 emissions – one of UPM’s main goals.

Now the magazine has been digitized and is provided as an ePaper version and an app.

Text based on an interview with Dirk Bois, Sales Director with Prinovis. Photos provided by Prinovis.