Feel confident with UPM DIGI Finesse papers - They really work!


​UPM DIGI Finesse papers are specially developed for sheet and reel fed digital presses using dry or liquid toner.

Now available with HP Indigo certification

For your guaranteed performance we can now offer a comprehensive HP Indigo
Certification for the grades 90-300 g/m2.

You can choose between two elegant surfaces:

  • UPM DIGI Finesse gloss
    delivers high-value reproductions, superior brilliance and intense colours.
  • UPM DIGI Finesse premium silk
    for high print gloss combined with perfect readability.
Thanks to the wide substance range from 90 to 350 g/m2, these papers are suitable for all added value products like magazines, photo books, advertising material and many more.

In addition, we can also offer UPM DIGI Color laser, dedicated to laser printing – dry toner. This grade is a WFU paper specially designed for high quality printing with superior whiteness (CIE 170).