Talking ​Heads - The role of paper today

​UPM has collaborated with five leading brands and publishers across Europe to learn what paper means to their companies and marketing communications activities.

The series of five short films feature magazine publishers, world-wide media agencies, travel operators, designers and a high street retailer.

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Tony Chambers, editor Wallpaper magazine

Tony Chamber video

Commenting on the debate between digital and print he states: “Since the rise of digital communication, digital media, I’ve noticed much more interest in how you use paper and how you use ink on paper, and experimenting with getting more from it. Because if you’re going to invest in putting your content into paper, then you need to make the most of it and I think there’s a real renaissance now in how content is delivered on paper."

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​Dominic Pemberton - Argos and Home Retail Group

Dominic Pemberton, Head of Publications, Home Retail Group including Argos,
discusses the evolution of the printed catalogue and the increasing role of digital platforms. He discusses the shift to different publication types and the grades required to help promote their brand and its offerings to consumers.

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​Mercedes Erra - Bect

​Mercedes Erra, Founder of BECT and Managing Director of Havas Worldwide explains why paper is of highest importance for the marketing industry in general, especially for customer relationship marketing (CRM) purposes. In this one to one interview she agrees with studies that claim people trust more in the printed word than in the digital one.

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​Pauline Zosi - IDEAT

​Pauline Zosi, Manager distribution and promotion, IDEAT discusses the way a magazine chooses its paper grades and their importance in establishing the titles as a brand. She highlights the importance of quality and range of paper choices for their advertisers.
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​Torsten Gebke - TUI

​"Paper gives me a feeling of security in terms of what I am reading and what I am holding in my hands. It stands for something promised and real. Paper will always have a future in our company." - Torsten Gebke, Head of paper purchase, publishing processes & logistics TUI.