Landlust - the magic of ​PrintPage Content

Since 2005, the Landwirtschaftsverlag has been publishing the bi-monthly magazine ‘Landlust‘. Dr. Thorsten Weiland from the Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster explains why the readers of ‘Landlust‘ prefer print media and why it fulfills all criteria of an adequately classy content carrier.

Every edition of ‘Landlust‘ carries its readers away into natural environments: carefully researched articles and sophisticated pictures of garden design and cultivation, living decorating, cooking and baking recipes, and landscape photographs convey a special gander at nature. Each year, the publishing house sets new circulation records. But what is behind this success? “Our readers have a wide range of interests and are often very well informed or even experts in this field”, explains publishing manager Dr. Weiland. “They value the magazine’s expertise and practice oriented approach.” At the same time, the lavish pictures of ‘Landlust’ show the beautiful side of nature to its readers.

Excellent content and feel

However, the magazine’s success is not only based on excellent content. The feel is an important part of the reading experience, as well. ‘Landlust’ is being read extensively, for a long period of time and frequently more than once – usually in one’s leisure time.

Hence, not only the content has to be of an excellent quality: The printing paper must be of the same class. Already since its first publication, ‘Landlust’ has been printed on a matte paper produced by UPM: UPM Finesse matt 90 gsm. The excellent printing and processing quality as well as the exceptional printability meet all requirements of the publishing house, even within a very high print run. “The UPM paper is an adequate carrier for the high-quality content and photo galleries of ‘Landlust’,” says Dr. Weiland. “Content, feel and look result in the triad of quality that our readers appreciate.”

It is no coincidence, that the magazine is being published exclusively in a printed version. Dr. Weiland explains: “Our readers relax when reading ‘Landlust’. And they virtually switch off the computer. ‘Landlust’ is being read offline.” Hence, the magazine’s website merely displays some service offerings and an online shop. “Print magazines surprise with content that the reader wouldn’t have been looking for in a search engine. Readers of print magazines find topics and facts that they wouldn’t have expected or they didn’t even know of. In this regards, print media simply has to offer more for curious readers with a wide range of interests”, explains Dr. Weiland.

Also from a publishing house perspective, paper is an important medium, says Dr. Weiland. “The business model of print magazines does still work very well. Hence, the top-quality journalism, that the readers of ‘Landlust’ appreciate, can be paid a fair price.”