Paper is the dna of the numéro

Paper is an essential component of the French fashion and cultural magazine Numéro and has a decisive function in its identity. Owner and publisher Nathalie Ayache regards it as a decisive asset in the DNA of the magazine.

The fashion magazine Numéro is considered an agent of influence in the fashion industry. The monthly magazine offers an avant-garde view of the worlds of fashion, art and luxury.

Working with the luxury industry and with famous photographers, paper of the highest quality is essential to show their work. When the magazine was launched 14 years ago, a lot of investigations were made into paper quality. The paper that was chosen has responded so well to the expectations of the readers and the market that Numéro has stayed with the same quality ever since.

Printer as important as the paper

Ayache says that paper has always been essential for the fashion industry as a means to broadcast what it is creating. She sees magazine paper as the meeting point between the fashion industry and consumers. Equally important as the paper is of course the printer, who has to respect the paper he works with. If the inks are not handled with rigorous care, the paper suffers. Paper really comes to life during printing.

An intimate story

On a personal level, Ayache is a true paper addict and, to her, paper will always be noble. She regards paper as artisanal and as a living material which has a texture, a taste and a flavour. This is probably why print creates such an intimate relationship with the reader. Ayache is convinced that paper is definitely alive and that it has many days ahead of it.

Text: Nina Colliander-Nyman / Photos: Viljak
The text is based on an interview with Nathalie Ayache, owner and publisher of Numéro.